Artist Statement

By orchestrating the vibration of motion and light – both hidden and apparent – I create energetically-charged paintings that seem to change perpetually within the viewer’s experience.

In a series of abstract paintings called The Atmospherics (1978 to 1982), the application of paint was intended to create a sensation of air and a delicate pulsation of continuous movement. The subtle application of neutral shades of grey, brown and green, created an impression of mists and hazes from which deeper colours and abstract forms gradually emerged.

My artistic mentors, the painters Turner, Monet, Cezanne and Rothko, helped me better understand and evolve from the Atmospheric paintings into a new series of large-scale, colourful landscape/garden/tree works (the Nature series) which began in 1983 and continued for over two decades. By working with rich, vibrant colours and by applying the oil paint thickly and dynamically, these land-/tree-/garden-scape paintings were transformed by the pictorial suggestion of water, fire, and wind. The new vocabulary of the Nature series involved large-scale natural forms depicted with bold colours and brush-strokes to convey an explosive sense of energy and the vibration of movement. During this extended period of artistic exploration and development, a vortex-like shape became a recurring motif in the paintings, usually in the form of a path or directional energy within the picture plane, further adding to the sensation of perpetual motion.

In my new series of works, the Elements (from 2010 to today, on-going) the painting palette is reduced to the essential foundation of black and white and a spectrum of greys. This radical reduction in colour-field is a challenging way to focus and strengthen my ideas and interests towards conveying the movement and transformation of the elements (water, wind, earth. . .). The presence of the path/vortex form has taken on greater importance, not only as a visual element of energy in the compositions, but also as a recurring visual metaphor for the journey I am on in my artistic development and in life.



Master of Fine Arts (MFA), Concordia University, Montreal 1979
Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) (Honours) 1976


Canada Council Arts Grant B (One Year Tenure) 1980
Canada Council Arts Grant B (One Year Tenure) 1985


Windsor Sculpture Garden, Windsor Ontario


Factorie, Toronto
Magnotta Winery, Beamsville, Ontario
Factorie, Toronto
Guelph Art , Guelph, Ontario
N.F. Doyle Gallery, Toronto
Hartley Hill Gallery, Carmel, California
Madison Gallery, Toronto
Sword Street Press, Toronto
Galerie Fucito, Montreal
Warren Sanderson Beaux Arts, Montreal
Grunwald Gallery, Toronto
Concordia University, Montreal


“ArtSight” at the Mississauga Civic Center
Hartley Hill Gallery, Carmel, California
Luba Bystriansky Gallery, Toronto
Royal Canadian Association of Landscape Architects
Convention, Toronto
Royal Canadian Academy, Toronto
Galerie Fucito, Montreal
University of Montreal (Exhibition of Collection of
Teleglobe, Canada), Montreal
Warren Sanderson Beaux Arts, Montreal
Martha Schaeffer Gallery, New York
The Art Annex, Toronto
Madison Gallery, Toronto
Pluriprints, Toronto
Madison Gallery, Toronto
Danieli Gallery, Toronto


Represented in private collections throughout Canada and the United States, in England, France, Germany, Hong Kong, and Italy.


Cancer Clinic, St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto
Guelph University Collection, Guelph, Ontario
London School of Business and Economics, London England*
Mississauga City Hall, Ontario*
Musee d’Art Contemporaine, Montreal
Odette Library, Tilbury, Ontario
Queens University Library, Kingston, Ontario*
St. Michael’s High School, Toronto
St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto*
Tilbury High School, Tilbury, Ontario
University of Toronto Art Center**
University of Toronto, St Michael’s College, Toronto**
Windsor University, Windsor, Ontario**
Windsor Sculpture Garden, Windsor, Ontario


Auber International, Padova, Italy**
Cabcom, Toronto
Canadian Pharmaceutical Association, Ottawa
Canderel Developments, Ottawa
Chartered Plans Inc., Toronto
Chateau Pontet Canet, Bordeaux France
Coopers and Lybrand, Charted Accountants Ottawa**
Dingman and Low, Toronto
Deloitte and Touche, Toronto *
Eastern Construction, Toronto**
Ellis Don, Contractors London, Ontario.
Ernst and Young, Charted Accountants, Ottawa*
EVM Landscape Architects, Toronto
Financial Trust, Ottawa and Toronto**
Fraser Beatty, Barristers and Solicitors, Ottawa
Glenn Coulter Financial Co., Ottawa**
H.A. Sinclair and Associates, Toronto
Lavaln Collection, Montreal
Magnotta Wines, Toronto *
M.C.W. Consultants Ltd., Vancouver
M.I.S. Group, Ottawa
Nathalys Management, Toronto
Nelligan-Power, Ottawa
Osgoode Developments, Ottawa
Price Waterhouse, Charted Accountants Ottawa**
Republic National Bank of New York, Montreal
Senator Homes, Toronto*
Second Mile Club, Toronto
Senator Homes, Toronto*
Sutton Place Hotel, Toronto
Taggart Construction, Ottawa
Teleglobe Canada, Montreal*
Zhejiang Bonna Tea Enterprise, China
Toronto Racquet Club, Toronto
WZMH Architects, Calgary and Toronto**
Westside Construction, Ottawa
Zoran Design Associates, Toronto*

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